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    Comments: I love Dr. Higbee and his office! They totally validated my pain I 'd been experiencing for nearly a year with a physical cause! He is kind, nice, professional and Knowledgeable and will do his best to answer your questions. One bad thing on my part is I forgot to ask all my questions when I was in his office. I also wish I could have seen the results for myself of the tests given to me as patient as well as my chart or obtained a copy of my medical file for my own personal use. His staff is very kind and friendly and do their best to take care of their patients. I'm managing my pain conservatively as recommended by Dr. Higbee because he says that is what he would do first if he were in my situation. If I ever decide on stronger meds or Surgery. I would definitely consider Dr. Higbee as my Surgeon I would even go back to consider him tracking my diagnoses progress whether it stays the same or gets worse. I would give Dr. Higbee and his staff 4-5 Stars for caring for me! Great!